School of Basketball Camp

Zack Jones School of Basketball
Zack Jones School of Basketball Camp is designed for boys and girls in grades 3-11. Camp participants will be subdivided according to ability and physical size. Our camp features playing competitive scrimmage games, knockout, 3-on-3, 1-on-1 and developing offensive and defensive skills (shooting, free throws, passing, ball handling, rebounding, etc.) for playing competitive basketball. Parents and coaches are always welcome to observe. All participants will receive a camp t-shirt and will be served lunch daily. For more information call (619) 227-0387.

2017 Camps

Munich A, Germany  /  August 1 – August 4
Munich B, Germany  /  August 8 – August 11
London, England  /  July 27– July 29 
Hong Kong, China  /  December 29 – 31



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